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Wolverine Roast - 2019 Recap

| December 13, 2019
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Our Wolverine Roast is a relatively new tradition: an annual tailgate and watch party for the Ohio State vs Michigan football game, usually hosted at our office on the Scioto River. Although it is pork that is smoked for 15+ hours before the event by one of our very own clients - we like to imagine it is a Wolverine that we are roasting instead. And with well over 125 meals served, this years Wolverine Roast was a huge success. Please enjoy this recap video from our 2019 Event!

This tradition simply could not happen without the help of our dear friends Jeff and Lisa Rhees. We want to thank them once again for lending their time and resources to prepare so much food for everyone - and based on how much food was eaten, we know all of our guests are thanking them as well! We appreciate all of our friends, colleagues, clients and partners who showed up - these events are dedicated to all of you who continue to support us, and designed to show our love and appreciation for our community.

A special thanks to the following local businesses for their continued support, and for contributing various door prizes. We are very grateful to partner and work with such great people!

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